September Newsletter

Hello NV Dance Family!!

First off, I would like to welcome all of our new faces! I am so glad you chose NV to be the official dance studio for your dancer! Also, welcome back to all of those returning! I, as well as my teachers, am so happy to be back into the swing of things and i hope you are excited for another fun year! This year we will continue to strengthen our technique for all age groups, in all styles. In a few short months our teachers will start to teach the dancers their routines for our May recital. This year’s recital theme will be “Time Machine”! We plan on taking our guests on a ride through time, visiting all eras of music! So mark your calendars for May 19th 2018!

As some of you might have noticed, I am not in the studio and will not be for several weeks. Many have already been told and I have tried to reach out to most, however, that does not mean I met with everyone. I am a farm girl by day and a dance teacher by night! My family business deals with the maple world, yes you read that right, maple syrup! I am at times called upon by the NH Maple Producers Association to represent not only the association but also the maple producers of New Hampshire at state fairs. This year they asked if I would be interested in taking care our association’s booth at one of the largest fairs in New England, The Big E. I am very excited for this opportunity in the maple industry but unfortunately it will pull me away from the dance studio from September 12th through the first week of October. Not to worry though, the studio is set up so that if any one of our teachers were to be away, things run just as smooth as if we were all here. This decision was not made lightly, the struggle was real!!  However, I know the studio is in great hands while I am away. Both the dance world and the maple world are very important to me, being able to do both is amazing!

While I am gone, Miss Sarah (my co-director) will be in charge of all things. I, of course, am just a phone call or an email away if there is something that needs to be dealt with right away. That being said, things are pretty simple here. Tuitions are due at the beginning of each month, and no later than the fourteenth of each month. Any late payments are subject to a late fee. Miss L, as we like to call her, will be in the office every day until 7pm. If you need to make a payment or have a question, please see Miss L in the office and she is more than happy to help you! If at any time you need to drop off a payment and she is not here or unavailable, there is a locked mailbox outside the office door. In the memo wright your child’s name and what you are paying for. Example: Miranda Milano-tuition

I am going to jot down some upcoming things that you may want to mark on your calendar.

Costume deposits will be due on November 1st, a forty dollar deposit per costume will be charged. If you are unsure of how many costumes your dancers has and would like to prepare, find your teacher or Miss Sarah and they will be happy to fill you in. It’s that easy! We like to make things as simple as possible here!

Also, November 18th is the Holiday Parade here in Concord. We always participate each year and we plan to participate again this year. Everyone is welcome to join in! This is open to all dancers in the studio. If you have a really young dancer, parents are welcome to sit on our floats to accompany the little ones. The parade is a super fun event and a great way to get our name out there. Each year there is a theme, which has not been decided on at this time, and we decorate our float and kids! Last year, we placed first in our division! It can be a chilly event; last year’s weather was mild compared to past years. Bundle up and bring some hand and feet warmers just in case!  I would highly recommend participating in this event as the kids have a blast! We will let everyone know when it’s time to sign up for the float.

I believe this is all for now until our October Newsletter. You better be thinking about your costumes as we have a costume week and a prize for the best outfit! This is my favorite “holiday” of the year, so I look forward to our Halloween week!

Enjoy your first month here at NV! I look forward to returning and seeing what you have all been learning!

Remember, I am a phone call/ email away if anyone needs anything!

See you in October!

Miss Mandy

Headliners Results

Headliners Dance Championships

Competition Results

April 7-9, Derry, NH

  • BAD- High Gold
  • HUMAN- Gold
  • ROAR- High Gold, 4th overall Junior Large Group
  • RUN THE WORLD- Elite Gold, “Hit it Hard” judge’s award
  • UNSTEADY- High Gold
  • CARMEN- Gold
  • FRIEND LIKE ME- High Gold, 5th overall Petite Small Group
  • BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY- High Gold, 2nd overall petite small group
  • WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO- Gold, 2nd overall recreational teen small group
  • FLY ME TO THE MOON- Gold, 4th overall recreational 12 and under duo/trio
  • EMERGENCY- High Gold, 4th overall Junior Line



  • BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY- Elite Gold, “Born to Entertain” judges award, 1st overall 9 and under solo, Petite Miss Headliners
  • SHAKE SENORA- Elite Gold, “Born to be Wild” Judges award
  • GERONIMO- High Gold
  • CHEAP THRILLS- High Gold
  • LA VIE EN ROSE- Elite Gold
  • INTRO- Elite Gold, “Intensity” judges award, 2nd overall senior solo, Senior Miss Headliners


Scoring Scale:

Elite Gold

High Gold


High Silver


High Bronze

Dance Xplosion Results

Dance Xplosion Results
March 11-12
Concord, NH
  • My Own Little Corner- PLATINUM, first in category, 4th overall petite xcellerated small group
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy- PLATINUM, first in category, 3rd overall petite xcellerated small group
  • Friend Like Me- PLATINUM, first in category, 2nd overall petite xcellerated small group, Runner-up 12 and under Xcaliber award winner.
  • Human- PLATINUM
  • Hip Hip Chin Chin- PLATINUM
  • Roar- PLATINUM, 10th overall junior xtreme small group.
  • Carmen- PLATINUM
  • Unsteady- XTREME PLATINUM, first in category, 5th overall teen xtreme small group
  • Dancing in the Dark- XTREME PLATINUM
  • Trollabundin- XTREME PLATINUM, first in category, 2nd overall teen xtreme small group, “Intensity Plus” judge’s award.
  • Run the World- XTREME PLATINUM, 9th overall teen xtreme small group.
  • Emergency- XTREME PLATINUM, first in category, 2nd overall junior xtreme line.
  • Boardwalks- XTREME PLATINUM
  • Shake Senora- XTREME PLATINUM
  • Geronimo- PLATINUM
  • I Speak Six Languages- PLATINUM
  • Cheap Thrills- XTREME PLATINUM, 10th overall senior xtreme solo
  • Intro- XTREME PLATINUM, first in category, 1st overall senior xtreme solo, Senior Miss Dance Xplosion, “Artistry” Judge’s award
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry- PLATINUM, first in category, 1st overall petite xcellerated solo, “Total Package” judge’s award.
Studio Recieved:
  • “Let’s Get Loud” Award
  • Jazz Excellence Award
Scoring Scale- xtreme platinum, platinum, xtreme gold, gold, xtreme silver, silver.
Divisions- Xtreme=Advanced, Xcellerated=Intermediate

Groove National Dance Competition Results


Check out our AMAZING results from this week’s competition! We came out of the gate running with one of the toughest competitions we’ve ever seen. Our girls blew us away by placing top ten in many of their group numbers and solos and walking away with EXCELLENT adjudicated scores across the board. Not to mention a few overalls and some judge’s awards! Let’s go Team NV!

Groove National Dance Competition

February 17-19, 2017


NV Dance Productions Results



  • Madi Barton- Gold
  • Caroline Allen- High Gold
  • Ashley Hoxie- High Gold
  • Maddy Winch- Platinum, 1st overall junior soloist
  • Emmalyn Ruopp- Platinum, “Polka Dot Day Dream” judge’s award. 1st Overall 6 and under soloist
  • Arden Brenan (Intro)- Platinum, “Can’t Help But Watch” judge’s award. 9th Overall Senior soloist
  • Arden Brenan (La Vie En Rose) Platinum, first in category.
  • Sadie Nadon- High Gold



  • Friend Like Me- High Gold, 1st in Category, 1st Overall Mini small group
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy- High Gold, 1st in category, 3rd overall mini Small Group
  • My Own Little Corner- High Gold, 5th overall mini small group
  • Bad- Gold, “Big Wigs” judge’s award
  • Hip Hip Chin Chin- Gold
  • Human- Gold
  • Roar- Gold, 10th overall Junior small group.
  • Trollabundin- High Gold, 6th overall Teen small group
  • Dancing in the Dark- High Gold, 2nd in category
  • Unsteady- High Gold, 1st in Category, 8th overall teen small group
  • Run the World- High Gold, 3rd in category
  • Emergency- High gold


Scoring Scale:


High Gold


High Silver




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